First-class car repairs in Bury St Edmunds with The Fiat and Alfa Romeo Specialists. There's nothing our team of mechanics can't handle.

Are you worried that something is wrong with your vehicle? Look no further than us for vehicle repairs serving Bury St Edmunds and local surrounding villages. Our team of experienced mechanics have over 17 years of experience and can carry out almost any mechanical or electrical repairs for Fiat and Alfa Romeo, as well as ALL MAKES AND MODELS of vehicles.
However big or small the job, you can be confident in our expertise, see just a few of the repair services we can offer below.


Many modern cars have a cambelt. This is a belt that keeps the engine components turning in synchronisation. If it breaks, the resulting damage can be severe and many major engine components will be damaged often resulting in major engine work or at worst, a replacement engine.
Each manufacturer supplies a recommendation for the replacement of the cambelt. We hold this information and can help you decide whether it is time to get your cambelt changed. The cost of the cambelt change varies from car to car, but it is always cheaper to replace the belt than fix the damage a broken belt will cause.
Feel free to send us an enquiry to find out when your cambelt is due for replacement.


We can check your exhaust for faults and replace anything from a simple rear silencer to a whole new system.
Our fully trained mechanics know what they are doing and will advise you of the best course of action if you need your exhaust system looked at.
We have full gas analysis equipment to check your catalytic converter is operating correctly, as well as checking your exhaust system for damage and leaks.
Diesel vehicles are often equipped with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) which filters out harmful particles from the exhaust gases. This has an automated procedure for cleaning itself which should happen without your intervention. Sometimes this fails to work correctly leaving you with a blocked filter. It is important to react promptly to any warning lamps or messages your car may give you and let us manually clean the filter or advise you on any faults that may be causing an issue.
For further advice, do get in touch.


We are qualified to check, service and re-gas your car’s air conditioning system with up-to-date F-gas qualifications.
It is always advisable to use your air conditioning system all year round to keep the oil, which lubricates the seals, moving around the system. Leaving your system switched off for a few months often allows the gas to escape and renders your air conditioning inoperative.
Our air conditioning service includes the removal of the old oil and gas as well as a full leak test to ensure proper running after a leak has occurred. If a leak is detected, we can carry out a diagnosis of the potential fix to get you back up and running.


We have the experience and know how to examine and check your brakes. As well as simple brake component changes, we can also advise on brake fluid condition, fit brake lines and also take care of other more complex brake faults including ABS systems.


Computer-aided fault diagnosis is a real minefield these days. Many garages have the equipment, but few know how to use it.
Here at The Fiat and Alfa Romeo Specialists, we have the expertise to diagnose faults with your car with the minimum of fuss. We have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment from Snap-On, in combination with the right know-how, to diagnose the majority of makes and models on the market.


Diesel Particulate Filters are a common and widely used emission control system fitted to most diesel cars since 2007. They catch the soot and particles from the engine in a filter within the exhaust, and then periodically vaporise them at very high temperatures (circa 600 degrees!).
Although this is effective at capturing harmful particles, there is often a side effect if the car is not driven on longer journeys. Since the manufacturers tend to program the systems to vaporise the filtered soot on open roads (driving for longer than 20 minutes at revs above 2000 rpm is a common requirement), cars which are driven predominantly around town are likely to clog the filter and cause the emission light to illuminate. If this is not dealt with quickly then more expensive complete blockage may occur. In the worst scenario, a new DPF may be required.
If you are experiencing DPF issues, then feel free contact us. We are well versed in these faults and can often save your existing DPF filter, even if it is heavily blocked.
WARNING! Do be wary of companies who offer DPF removal as a solution to this problem. It is not recommended and may cause problems with getting an MOT, with your insurance, and more importantly, with the health of those around you who will be breathing your unfiltered sooty exhaust particles.